Serial Adapter Board für Z-Wave

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The ZME_SERIAL is a little daughter board that connects a serial  interface to the Wireless Z-Wave networks. The interface to the host is  done by a 5x1 jumper connector that can be used in normal position and  upside down. The pinout is (3.3V, TXD, RXD,GND, NC). The connection to the antenna is done using a reverse pigtail connector. The module itself  contains a Z-Wave 300 chip preloaded with a Z-Wave.Me Z-Wave firmware  and a 32 K EEPROM. There is an additional 2x5 pin programming connector  compatible to the 2x5 connection of the Sigma Designs Programmer. The firmware implements a superset of the Sigma Designs Serial Interface including some Z-Wave.Me specific functions such as backup and restore  or change of Vendor ID.