Dimmer Set for Everlux

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The Z-Wave.Me Dimmer Flush Mountable is a wireless actuator able to dim lights up to  300 W. The device is delivered as a complete set with flush mountable  insert, paddle and mounting frame compatible with the design of the Duwi  switching series  Everlux in standard white. The paddle of the device  is used to control the device. The status of the dimmer is indicated on a  dual color LED for test purposes. For dimming the devices apply leading  edge phase cutting with a special alignment algorithm for inductive  loads. Therefore, it is  possible to dim incandescent lamps, high  voltage halogen lights and low voltage halogen lights with traditional  transformer. Low voltage halogen lights with switching power supply,  LEDs and CFLs must not be attached. This device is designed for a 2 wire  system. There is no need for a neutral wire in the wall box.