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The smallest device in its category worldwide, and the only device specifically intended for use both as a Relay Switch with integrated power meter, and as an Energy Meter either at the point of entry of your electrical system, or on a section of the latter. Version S featuring an internal shunt resistor. In addition to Power measurements, the device also provides data for Energy, Voltage, Current and Power factor.
The only device suited for use with all types of Z-Wave controller, and capable of implementing an active energy-saving management policy defined by the user according to his energy consumption, or to the amount of energy produced by his solar power system.
Active Energy-saving Management
Control and monitoring of usage
Control and monitoring of production and net metering
Monitoring of all network parameters (Power, Energy, Voltage, Current, Power Factor) 
Provides bidirectional measurements for Power and Energy (produced/consumed). 
Management and prevention of electrical faults
Intelligent Opening/Closing of the Relay
Control of heavy loads
Software Update